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Bwari in a Flash: Know about the Home of the Nigerian Law School

Updated: Jul 20, 2019

When you think of the headquarters of the Nigerian Law School, you don’t simultaneously think of a sleepy town called ‘Bwari’ but you should because it is where the Abuja Law School is located.

The location is probably much more quiet than what you would have expected. You may have pictured a thriving city abuzz with life and commerce since it is home to such a prestigious institution but perhaps, it is the serenity that the atmosphere exudes that prompted the establishment of the law school there. The government must have realized that considering how much law students have to study, they would need a conducive environment. Or on the other hand, maybe they just took advantage of the vast land, and it is nothing as intricate.

Whatever may be the motivation for the choice of location, it is a good one.

You may not know much about the town but you are about to. More so, if you are a law student who is toying with the fantastic idea of attending the Abuja Law School then it is time to meet Bwari and get used to her!

About the history

Ready for the tale of an ancient city?

Stage is set. Dim lights. Action.

Legend has it that some time in the 17th century, a hunter from Zaria, another ancient city made his way to the area now known as Bwari and made it home for himself and his family.

It is said that he had given his wife some millet and confused, she had asked him where she would pound it. Then, came his famous reply, ‘bwaya’. When translated loosely, it meant ‘pound here’.

Soon the name of the area came to be ‘Bwari’.

Quite a story that raises a number of questions but that is how the legend goes and who are mere mortals to question legends? Besides, they usually have fragments of truth in them.

Later on, the hunter went with his four children to a river where he gave each the task of swimming and retrieving a rare gem from the river bed. Only one, the last born, was able to pull off the feat and to date, that gem is an integral part of the coronation of the Bwari ruler.

About the Bwari people

The original inhabitants of Bwari are the Gbagyi, a peace-loving people. However, considering the fact that so many notable institutions like the Nigerian Law School, Veritas University, Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) headquarters etc. have made the town their home, Bwari has attracted people from across the country.

The culture of the Bwari people is rich and due to the communal nature of the town, you will surely enjoy being there.

As for the way the people are governed, the paramount ruler is the Sa-bwaya but following the change were Abuja was made the new capital of the nation, an emir was imposed on the people, which is definitely not in keeping with their history or culture.

About the environment

Bwari is an area council in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) bordered by Kaduna, Nassarawa and Niger states. Stretched across 914 square kilometres, it is a savannah blessed with ample land and fertile ground.

In fact, it has come to be known as the food basket of the FCT. So, if you intend to attend the Abuja Law School, you don’t have to worry about food items being too expensive. Bwari has got you covered!

Of course, you will be wondering about accommodation. Well, getting your own law school apartment won’t be a big deal because accommodation for law students in Bwari is not pricey.

Also, for leisure, you could always visit the Bwari Pottery Village. Another highlight is the simple fact that it is not so far from the heart of the FCT where you could always visit amusement parks, entertainment centres and parks.

Thus, you will be enjoying a mix of the simplicity of semi-rural life and the fast-paced nature of urbanity without the rat race found in other major cities across Nigeria.

Bwari is definitely a laid-back town but not without its charms and students of the Abuja law school will definitely attest to loving it there.